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Championing entrepreneurs and business professionals to effective performance

Training and Coaching

Coaching Magnificence, founded by Sarah Alexander, typically works with business owners and senior directors who have an established business, a great team working for them and some big logos as clients. Yet, they are concerned about the nightmarish workload or huge pressure that they, or their team, are under. All of this impacts productivity, effectiveness, communication, problem solving, morale and, in the end, the bottom line.

Ultimately, our role is to turn things around so they can:

  • Optimise their performance, increase productivity and minimise stress
  • Think more clearly, improve concentration and take better decisions
  • Increase their confidence, communication and develop better relationships


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Sarah Alexander, a popular keynote speaker and trainer, draws on her personal and professional experiences as an entrepreneur to deliver rich, inspiring and uplifting talks and training sessions. Her most popular topics are:

– How to Take Good Decisions, Increase Productivity and Improve Relationships Through Understanding Your Brain

– Business Clarity 101 Through Knowing your Compelling Message

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Working with Sarah has been an extremely beneficial experience. I felt that she was a really important part of helping me out of an uncertain and dark place whilst helping me progress into a much calmer and clearer position.
I always looked forward to the calls with her, and without a doubt, came out of each one, every time, feeling a deep sense of clarity, calmness, positivity and hope.
She really helped me stay above water and see life more clearly and more simply. Not only has she helped me in my business and how I tackle it day to day, but she’s also helped me hugely in my own purpose and the clarity I have on my direction, where I want to go, and who I want to be. (And also, in a way, who I am). Thanks again Sarah!

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Sarah grasped my business challenges quickly and easily. Her advice and guidance was spot on – sometimes you know what needs to be done but it can be incredibly useful to talk it through with someone who gets, and adds, to your thinking. I would strongly recommend her services.
James Simpson, Managing Director, The Marketing Campaign Company
“”Thank you Sarah for your kind generosity in sharing your expertise, coaching, and running an interesting workshop for us.  It was really interesting to learn more about how aspects of using intuition, personal development and growth can be applied holistically to an organisation and business. I found the session very interesting. You are a very good facilitator and communicate new ideas and fresh approaches very clearly and effectively – thank you.
A leading example of how people can help others, and your work helps improve lives, perspectives and even business operations.”
Hollie Carr, Director and Co-Founder, Rainmaker Foundation.
“Everyone said afterwards how interesting and useful they had found the session with you and that there were many tools and changes they are going to take away and implement. For me this is always a sign of success when there’s a commitment to trying some new ideas!

Personally, I really enjoyed the journey you took us on – starting with the evidence and scientific facts that enabled many people to reach the conclusions about what they were doing wrong and how they could change before we had got there. The interactive breakout sessions and coaching questions also combined to make a brilliantly pitched presentation.
Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge, we all hugely appreciate your support.”

Ellie Pendred, Chair Ella for Emerging Leaders
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