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Coaching Magnificence, founded by Sarah Alexander, is a coaching and training business. It guides business professionals, coaches and consultants to:

The ethos that underlies the coaching is called MAGNIFICENCE™. Magnificence, from the Latin words ‘magnus’ and ‘facere’, means ‘to make great’. Combining the latest scientific research, practical strategies, emotional and spiritual intelligence,  MAGNIFICENCE™ brings together personal/business objectives whilst training professionals to act and respond from a place of wholeness. See feature in The Daily Express


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Sarah Alexander is a popular keynote speaker. She draws on her personal and professional experiences as an entrepreneur to deliver rich, inspiring and uplifting talks

Sarah is running a Mindfulness and Meditation Afternoon on Wednesday June 21st in Godalming, Surrey.


Sarah inspires people to make the key changes required to be more successful, provides a host of practical tips and ways for doing so and has a rare ability that enables clients to make a significant and sustained step change in all aspects of their lives.
N.C. Human Resources Director, Multinational drinks manufacturer
Sarah grasped my business challenges quickly and easily. Her advice and guidance was spot on – sometimes you know what needs to be done but it can be incredibly useful to talk it through with someone who gets, and adds, to your thinking. I would strongly recommend her services.
James Simpson, Managing Director, The Marketing Campaign Company
“”Thank you Sarah for your kind generosity in sharing your expertise, coaching, and running an interesting workshop for us.  It was really interesting to learn more about how aspects of using intuition, personal development and growth can be applied holistically to an organisation and business. I found the session very interesting. You are a very good facilitator and communicate new ideas and fresh approaches very clearly and effectively – thank you.
A leading example of how people can help others, and your work helps improve lives, perspectives and even business operations.”
Hollie Carr, Director and Co-Founder, Rainmaker Foundation.
“As a result of my coaching with Sarah, I am more in tune with my intuitive wisdom and able to use it to guide me in my business decisions and interactions. This has facilitated really positive working relationships and a significant career move for me. It has also enabled me to have clarity on a new venture and how to develop it over time.”
Jen Morgan , Co-Founder The Finance Innovation Lab, WWF-UK
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