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About Sarah Alexander

Coaching Magnificence was founded by Sarah Alexander in 2001 as a coaching and training business. Today, the business centres around a unique coaching approach called MAGNIFICENCE™. This approach forms the linchpin of Sarah’s ethos that within us all, as science confirms, lies an innate calmness, contentment, loving kindness, creativity, wisdom and a magnificence, that is waiting for us to embrace. From here we reveal it as optimum performance and an alignment with our ultimate purpose. Sarah believes that this is the key to behaviour change that complements individual strengths. It can be totally allied to business results in any sphere.

Sarah Alexander Founder, Coach and Trainer


Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career. She has been a coach, trainer, speaker and mindfulness/meditation facilitator for over 15 years.

Formerly, Sarah was a professional rider running a small equestrian training centre for twelve years. During this time, Sarah turned around the failing business she had bought and generated a consistently profitable ‘high-end’ concern that thrived through economic recession when other similar businesses were failing. Before selling that business, she learnt first hand the tools of visualisation, mindfulness/meditation, self-awareness, practical psychology, neuroscience and other development techniques to achieve her own best performance and inspire that in others.

Since then, Sarah has worked with people on the international stage: entrepreneurs, performers, sports professionals and a winner of the prestigious PGA Golf Championships. She has spent considerable time with one six times Olympiad who was a member of a gold medal winning team in London 2012, giving her the opportunity to see first-hand high performance and calm, centred success modelled. Sarah has also taught leadership development programmes for Shell and other multinationals in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Her focus is now on helping small business owners create success whilst using their business in service to something greater than themselves.

Sarah has written many articles for magazines and national newspapers including The Financial Times, The Times of India, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and Huffington Post. She has also spoken regularly on the radio. In The Daily Express she has been described as “the elegant, calm and collected guru of all things inner gleaming”. Sarah is the author of Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence in Business.


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