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Change: Why is it so Blinking Difficult For Us?

Change: Why is it so Blinking Difficult For Us?

This video is a follow up to my Focus For The Month: What are the Ingredients of Miracles? In business? In relationships? In life? July 2017

A couple of months ago my daughter, Joni, went to see a friend off from our local station. As it was a quiet Sunday evening, she propped her bike by the railings outside and went onto the platform. When she came back out only a few minutes later, her bike had been stolen. She called me, understandably upset, and we drove around the nearby village but couldn’t see anyone with her bike. She loves cycling and was frustrated with herself for not locking it up. At the time, I remember praying that she would get her bike back. It was a really good bike and cycling gave her a sense of freedom, independence and the ability to gain perspective on the pressures of school life.

Yesterday, as Joni was walking to work, she saw a man riding her bike along the main road. She sprinted after him, got him to stop, and asked him where he had got the bike from. Apparently, this man had bought the bike from someone! She persuaded him to give it back to her, knowing she could prove it was her bike. Luckily, he handed it over without a fight. She texted me from work saying “GUESS WHAT. I GOT MY BIKE BACK!”

Sometimes things happen in our lives that seem to defy the odds and are beyond explanation. They seem to have an almost miraculous quality to them…like the re-appearance of the bike. A friend once asked me if I believed in miracles. The answer I gave her can be summed up this way: miracles certainly can, and do, occur. Mostly, though they are not instantaneous, other-worldly interventions but actually take time to come to fruition.

In my work as a coach, I have guided people through processes that have resulted in seemingly wondrous happenings in their professional or personal lives from a place where initially there seemed to be no hope: from healing traumatic relationships, pregnancies materialised against medical opinion, to business turnarounds and professional success that could never have been envisioned. So, let’s dig deeper into the ingredients that I believe can lead to the miraculous.

Google ‘what is a miracle?’ and they are primarily described as “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency”. Given this definition, it seems a miracle has some metaphysical element to it. But what other ingredients might there be to it?

Here are my thoughts:

  • There is a gap between point A and point B. Currently, you are at point A with a problem that needs a miracle. Point B is the resolving of this problem. In the gap between A and B is the space to change your mental conditioning from a mindset that is generating point A, to a mindset which generates point B. This requires a radical shift in your thinking, attitudes, beliefs and overall approach to the problem. It may also involve a growth of your knowledge, skills, expertise, behaviours and personal connections. There may be a series of new input and previously un-thought-of experiences too that take you from A to B. All of these changes take time and the added ingredients of patient focus and commitment.
  • Be clear and be open. We think we know what our miracle would look like: someone leaving the business, a huge cheque with our name on it or a new business venture. Often though, when we are not expecting it, the answer comes into view and we miss it because it does not materialise in the way that we are expecting. There is always a fine balance between keeping a soft focus on the solutions we want, and, allowing our minds to be open to how they might come about and in what form they might appear.
  • Prayer and consistent meditation and reflection. I believe that some form of a request for help from the Universe, God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or your Higher Self is essential. From there, it is vital to take the time to listen in quietude to the promptings of our Spiritual Intelligence that will guide us to the answer to our requests. Asking and listening are the tools that can bring about the miraculous.
  • Be persistent, have faith and don’t give up. Given the years it often takes to create an amazing turnaround in our life circumstances, the temptation to give up and resign ourselves to the status quo is huge. It too can feel easier to accept the problem rather than make the necessary changes in our thinking and approach that might bring about the solution. But change is gradual (mostly) and little steps, taken regularly, that go against our conditioning are what bring about the wondrous. In short…just keep going with total faith.
  • Accept that the Universe may have other plans for you. There are times when you can do all of the above for a very long time, and nothing appears to change. The problem remains the problem. There are just different degrees of it. This is the time to accept that the Universe is not vested in our plans and desires. It has an Intelligence of its own that creates happenings that no one could have foreseen and no one desired. Yes, there are always causes, but however meticulous you are in the planning and directing of your life, both internally and externally, certain things have to be accepted rather than resisted. And, it is often when you fully acquiesce to such circumstances, and totally let go of the desired result, that miracles appear.

To conclude, we all are capable of creating miracles in our lives. Sometimes they are small: minimal changes in perception that enable us to see a person or a situation completely differently. Other times they are large: profound changes in a difficult or painful challenge that enable our faith in the goodness of life to be renewed. Whatever their size, miracles come about as a result of a combination of many subtle shifts within us combined with a reliance on a Higher Power.

As for Joni…did she do the above? Probably not, but she had fully let go of ever getting her bike back and this most significant ingredient in generating miracles may have led to the ‘welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws’. In fact, she actually ended up feeling guilty for taking her bike from this man as it was clear to her that he probably would not be able to purchase another bike.

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