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Resilience Coaching: How To Succeed in Difficult Times

We all go through testing times: times of high strain, pressure and challenges that can sometimes overwhelm us. Living through these trials, whatever their origin, can be very taxing. We suffer from constant anxiety, stress and a sense of despondency. This can lead to patterns of addictive behaviour and negative reactions to people and situations that we know do not serve us.

Sarah Alexander offers specific coaching and support to help people develop resilience and successfully move beyond such demanding times.

The coaching includes:

  • Focused conversations to surpass limited thinking
  • Tools to diminish reactions to the issue
  • Techniques to grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Practices to relax, unwind and grow in self-awareness
  • Formulation of an effective strategy to move beyond the issue

Please contact Sarah for a free, introductory conversation.

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