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Sarah and her team offer two coaching programmes:

  1. MAGNIFICENCE: The Twelve Steps to High Performance and Low Stress and
  2. A further follow-on programme called Magnificence Mastery.

Underlying these programmes is our belief that our innate Magnificence encompasses our grandeur, our charisma, our focus, and our presence as well as clear communication and good listening abilities. It also embraces low stress, an essential for effectiveness, good relationships and vibrant health in our modern day business world.

Sarah Alexander also offers Sports Coaching to help sports competitors think at their best, and perform at their best, in any situation.

Thank you for the fierce love you have shown in your work with me. Your processes are unique, powerful and truly transformational.
Sarah, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am, but suffice to say I know I am blessed to have someone like you around to support me
Each coaching session with Sarah is amazing in immediately shifting my thinking. It is great to finally unburden myself
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