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Coaching for Inspirational Leaders

Sarah Alexander offers a new approach to coaching and inspiring others. The lynchpin of her coaching are the principles set out in her book Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life.

Sarah acts as an impartial sounding board guiding people to operate practically and strategically in alignment with their inner wisdom and deep-rooted sense of purpose. With full recognition of their spiritual essence and innate wholeness, magnitude and magnificence. This approach also draws on the latest scientific research and the best of emotional intelligence.

Sarah’s coaching is multifaceted and may include:

  • Take a ‘spiritually intelligent’ approach to inspiring others
  • Gaining a meaningful connection to your true nature
  • Releasing beliefs that do not align with your unconditioned self
  • Enhancing your intuitive wisdom
  • Living more of your purpose, mission and values
  • Helping people still their minds
  • Writing effectively to inspire others
  • Presenting meaningfully to empower others
  • Using the media to extend your message

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As a coach who has tried out so many other different coaching relationships which hadn’t worked out for me, I was looking for something different and that is what drew me to Sarah. I wasn’t disappointed. This is coaching of a very different kind and the work that we have done together has enabled me to operate from a more intuitive realm and develop a stronger connection with friends, relatives and clients. I also now have total confidence and conviction in the decisions that I make both for me personally and for my business, and am looking forward to a more fulfilling and brighter future.
Karen Fleming, Senseandability International Limited
Through a programme of coaching with Sarah, I am now in much closer touch with my creativity and intuition, which has produced real breakthroughs for me in my position and has now facilitated a fundamental career change for me.
R.H, H.R. Director for multinational drinks manufacturer
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