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Coaching Magnificence, founded by Sarah Alexander, works in the London and Surrey area with business owners, senior directors and their teams. Typically, they have a growing or established business, a great group working for them and some big logos as clients. Yet, they are concerned about the pressure they are under and the impact this has on productivity and well-being. Moreover, they worry that they are not promoting the business effectively when communicating with prospects, clients or when speaking at public presentations or with the media. Ultimately, this affects the bottom line.

Our role is to turn things around to:

  • Optimise performance, increase productivity and minimise stress
  • Improve concentration, decision making and problem-solving
  • Increase confidence and professionalism when speaking in public, to camera or to the media

To view Sarah’s full interview on How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity, please go here.


Talk through your areas of concern with us so we can formulate a plan to resolve them.





Sarah Alexander offers one-to-one sessions on:

Optimising Performance and Minimising Stress
Leadership Coaching
Professional Public Speaking and Media Training


Following an initial assessment of the area(s) of concern, we offer training in the following areas:

Optimising performance and minimising stress
Professional public speaking and media training
Business clarity and focus

All training is supported by ongoing reinforcement to ensure sustained positive change


Sarah’s books include:

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life
Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success


Sarah delivered an inspiring workshop recently to Reading University students which was met with enthusiasm and much praise.

Her approach was perfectly pitched to a younger audience and her session on ‘how to stay cool, calm and collected’ was very well received by students under pressure. She used a blend of practical approaches alongside thought-provoking theory to explain complex concepts in simple ways. Students left the session feeling refreshed and renewed.

Having worked with Sarah before personally and professionally, I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Sarah!

Hannah Smithson, Academic Manager, Reading University

Working with Sarah has been an extremely beneficial experience. I felt that she was a really important part of helping me out of an uncertain and dark place whilst helping me progress into a much calmer and clearer position.
I always looked forward to the calls with her, and without a doubt, came out of each one, every time, feeling a deep sense of clarity, calmness, positivity and hope.
She really helped me stay above water and see life more clearly and more simply. Not only has she helped me in my business and how I tackle it day to day, but she’s also helped me hugely in my own purpose and the clarity I have on my direction, where I want to go, and who I want to be. (And also, in a way, who I am). Thanks again Sarah!

Thomas Norman CEO Portal Imagery
I am loving your professional public speaking training sessions and personally am taking away an awful lot that I can implement and practice in all areas at work and in my personal life.
Danusia Jolliffe, Marketing Manager TVision Technology
“Sarah is a tremendous asset to any CEO or Business Manager. She combines practical experience as an entrepreneur with deep intuitive insight. Her approach is both direct and honest and she has a knack for identifying win win solutions. I strongly recommend her.”

John Reynard, Founder, Spirited Entrepreneur
“Everyone said afterwards how interesting and useful they had found the session with you and that there were many tools and changes they are going to take away and implement. For me this is always a sign of success when there’s a commitment to trying some new ideas!

Personally, I really enjoyed the journey you took us on – starting with the evidence and scientific facts that enabled many people to reach the conclusions about what they were doing wrong and how they could change before we had got there. The interactive breakout sessions and coaching questions also combined to make a brilliantly pitched presentation.
Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge, we all hugely appreciate your support.”

Ellie Pendred, Chair Ella for Emerging Leaders
I had had some reservations and worries about embarking on a course like this which would take both time and financial commitment ‘merely’ to improve my public speaking skills, perhaps a selfish & unnecessary use of valuable time. However, I found it extremely useful on a practical level, helping me with an important task high on my list of priorities and I also found it very enjoyable and helpful to me as a person.


Moira Martin, Director, Kelly's Storage
Sarah recently delivered some presentation skills training to the team at TVision in preparation for our conference. We had several workshops that helped hone our verbal and non-verbal presentation skills. We learnt various techniques to help improve our delivery, as well as tips to improve our PowerPoint content. I personally would recommend this approach to people who feel they need support to improve their public speaking skills.
Danusia Jolliffe , TVision Technology Ltd

Just a little update to say all is going well 🙂 Our one 15 minute conversation last year at the end of a coaching conversation has had a big impact!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Susie Wallis, Head of Organisationsal Learning, Teenage Cancer Trust
Sarah challenged me at times with her work. Through her steadfast commitment to helping me
to achieve my goals through her calmness and empathy, she has enabled me to reach a place
whereby I can go forward, fully accepting the changes that have taken place and embracing those
that are yet to come.
Helen Doyle, Therapist and Coach
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