Programmed for Perfection

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” St Catherine of Siena

The Bishop of London who gave the sermon at William and Kate’s wedding on Friday started his sermon with this wonderful quote. The 29th April is the festival of St Catherine of Siena and so this quote was so fitting. As we go about our busy days though it is easy to forget that we are here to be something that God meant us to be. It is very easy to focus purely on our outer world and all that is happening in that world around us. We forget that we have inner world and that the key message of that inner world is that we were created perfect. Read More

Desire is the Problem

This is a well known philosophy from Buddha about our desires. Buddha taught that our desires and our attachments to certain conditions and circumstances are the root of our pain and our suffering. Let’s explore this further because as human beings, it is very hard not to desire things and to want certain circumstances to happen!
I like to think of it this way: it is fine to desire things and what makes us magnetic to those very things we desire is to come from that place that says, “I desire this, and yet I don’t need it. I am happy if things work out this way and I am happy if they work out another way.” Read More

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