Changing Your Self Perception

This week I have been preparing the course outline for the four day Spiritual Intelligence in Coaching course that I am teaching in March 2012 with Nick Williams.

One of the topics we are covering in depth is about self perception. This is important both for our participants and a key topic that they will be helping their clients with as coaches or therapists. Our self perception influences our thinking and therefore our behaviours. Basically, how we perceive ourselves totally impacts how we behave in the world. And guess what, we mostly have our self perception totally wrong! Read More

Deepening the Feminine Energy

Getting in touch with your feminine energy sounds easy, doesn’t it? Meditate for a while and you must be there? In truth, for most of us it is not that easy, either for women or for men. One of the key reasons for this is that the feminine is represented in our consciousness by our mothers. For many of us, our relationships with our mothers were not the nurturing, supportive relationships that would have enabled us to fully develop our feminine power. Read More

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