Healing the Split Mind

Have you ever felt “I really want this or that but……”? Or more specifically“ I really want this relationship but…….,” “I really want to be successful but…….”? And after the “but” is a host of reasons why you actually do not want it and in fact, actually fear it. It is really helpful to examine what the “buts” are hiding, because when our mind is split like this, it keeps us stuck however much we may want to move forward. Read More

Taking the Easy Route

Yesterday, I went for a wonderful complementary Spa day with my good friend Chantal Cooke. We were very excited about this day as we had not only a day of relaxation and chatting to look forward to, but also free drinks and lunch, free massages and 40 minutes in their dimly lit flotation pool with its gentle current to move you slowly around the pool while you rest on the warm salty water (my personal favourite thing!). Read More

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