Can Spiritual Intelligence Help your Business Succeed?

Can Spiritual Intelligence Help your Business Succeed?

Our Spiritual Intelligence is that wealth of inner resources, vast knowledge and new creative ideas that we can draw upon to give us ideas to help our business thrive. Whereas the thinking of our ego can often be driving us to strive for things in the hopes that once we have achieved them we will feel happier and more fulfilled, our Spiritual Intelligence guides our actions and our business in alignment with our ultimate destiny. This is in the knowledge that it is here, that our true sense of personal fulfilment and thriving lies. For, our destiny is the bringing together of our Higher Purpose in life, as guided through our Spiritual Intelligence, with our focused actions in the world.

So, how can our Spiritual Intelligence help us succeed?

1. We have to be willing to let go of what we think we want to achieve and instead open to what our Spiritual Intelligence is guiding us to achieve in our business. Valuable questions to ask our Spiritual Intelligence at this time are:

‘What do you want me to create through my business?

’‘What do you want me to experience in my business?’

‘What do you want me to express through my business?’

‘What do you want me to contribute through my business?’

This guidance may come in the form of inspired ideas, gut feelings and hunches, as well as a series of synchronicities that lead you, maybe, to new contacts, different markets that are opening up, or exciting business opportunities that bring in good returns. What is important is that you hold a clear focus on this new vision, just as Nelson Mandela did with his dream for a racially free and fair South Africa. The intention and attention we give our sense of purpose and direction is what, ultimately, brings it to fruition.

2. Having asked these questions of our inner Intelligence, it is then essential that we give ourselves the quiet time and periods of inner reflection to hear the answers. Our Spiritual Intelligence has a clear plan for both us, and our business, and our thriving. We have to be willing to hear its guidance in the forms of new dreams, a new sense of inner-directed vision or a different focus and purpose for our business.

When we receive these inner messages, it is imperative that we have the courage to act on the guidance we are given. Our Spiritual Intelligence has a greater picture in mind for us, and our business, than we do. Given that, it’s repetitive nudges and stimulating ideas seem bigger and grander than we would have thought of. It is too, encouraging us to see ourselves in more limitless ways. With that challenge to step beyond where we are currently at, comes a gift for us when we follow our internal sense of direction. In every situation, where we take that plunge and act on what seems like unexplained ideas and unrelated gut feelings, the gift is always something far better than what we imagined.

Our Spiritual Intelligence always guides us, one step at a time, to each action that is next for us to take with our new creative opportunities. In this way, we are lead on a step-by-step journey to our ultimate thriving. This does not mean there will not be challenges en route, but we can move through these challenges supported again by the guidance of our inner Intelligence. All we have to do is again ask for the guidance, and listen quietly for the answers.

3. As we take action on any intuited ideas, we gain further clarity and inspiration. This is because the more we interact with, put energy into, and explore our projects and inspired ideas, the more intuitive ideas we receive. This is because our Spiritual intelligence wants us to develop the idea it has given us and bring it to fruition ‘in the world’. This is where our knowledge, experience and business know-how come into play as we bring our creative ideas to reality. In this way we combine the guidance of our Spiritual Intelligence with our practical abilities and actions to bring ideas into the world.

4. When we bring our projects to fruition it is also important that we are willing to let them go. From this place of letting go, we are then open to move into other areas of growth and expansion. At the height of our success, when we are least expecting it, we will be given new ideas for our next inspired project, if we are willing to listen. If we start, at that unlikely time, to put in place foundations for the new, we can then be moving towards the generation and flourishing of new projects as former projects pass the height of their success and start to decline. For our Spiritual Intelligence knows that this is how we keep our business thriving. And, it wants us to be continually growing, developing and embracing the new. With this in mind, we can allow our thinking to be open to new insights, new perceptions, new directions, and new business agendas, so that we stay in alignment with the innate energy of our business and our Spiritual Intelligence.

5. It is important that as business owners that we hold positive thoughts and keep our energy and vibration high. This is regardless of what we are currently experiencing, be it a peak or trough in sales. When sales are in decline, it is very easy to focus exclusively on cutting costs, saving money, and reducing expenditure as much as we can. While this cutting back may be essential, it focuses our attention on exactly what we do not want to attract to us: lack. With this focus on the lack, our energy often contracts, our vibration lowers, and our thoughts are inevitably fear-based, filled with worry and anxiety.

In contrast, we should sustain our focus on how we can generate more sales, how can we grow and develop the business, and how can we attract more clients and lucrative deals. The more we can hold in our minds a positive outlook and, where possible, sustain a generosity of spirit, the more we have in place the vibration that then naturally attracts new opportunities and new clients to us. This ability to stay focused on generating income and sales as well as in a positive mental state, even through the difficult times, is a skill that every business leader needs to acquire. We do this by resting in the knowledge that everything will ultimately be alright; there is a silver lining to every challenging situation and everything is working out for the greater good of all. Lastly, we remember that this difficult period is often shedding the old, in preparation for the new to emerge.

What is important is that we are willing to let go of our limited perceptions about the circumstances that we are in and be open to different ways of looking at and seeing any challenging issue. We do this in the knowledge and trust that our Spiritual Intelligence always has our best interests at heart. It is always guiding us to a win-win in every situation and it wants us to succeed.

To sum up, our Spiritual Intelligence can, and will, guide us to that thriving if we are willing to ask the right questions and take the time to listen to the answers that it can impart to us. This listening can only be done in periods of quiet, times of reflection and time alone for contemplation and meditation. As we quiet our mind, so our Spiritual Intelligence can guide us to all that we are meant to receive.


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Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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