Case Studies

From unemployed to highly paid consultant and performer

When Jill first came to me she was aged 32, unemployed, and living with her parents. She had given up on both employment and relationships after some challenging experiences that had left her feeling demoralised and ridden with a sense of being a failure.

We worked initially on Jill’s confidence and self-belief, and she secured a managerial job in a large public sector company in which she worked successfully for a number of years. We also specifically helped Jill to let go of her limiting beliefs, especially beliefs in her unworthiness and her unwillingness to be ‘seen’ for who she truly is. Jill learnt to connect with her innate magnificence, and to use this as her source of worthiness and confidence in the world.

As her assuredness and willingness to be ‘seen’ has grown, Jill has now left her full time position and is a part time, highly paid consultant to that public sector company. She has also followed her passion as a performer and singer and has already appeared in a commercial, a film, a TV pilot as well as many stage appearances. She is also very happily married and thinking about starting a family.

CEO of marketing company

Steve came to us shortly after taking over the company. He was determined, confident and brilliant at building relationships with customers and staff. Yet, when he hired a director who he considered more polished and experienced than himself, his lack of assertiveness and feelings of being undermined came to the fore and he felt he was no longer running the company.

We taught Steve how to relate to his new hire from his calm, quiet centre where his personal power and inherent value lie. He learnt how to consistently align with his inner strength, and see it in others, which helped him feel fully secure in his own abilities. He was then able to let go of his self-negating feelings and allow his new director to flourish. Steve also learnt to be more fully in tune with his intuitive wisdom so that he was guided from within on what actions to take to drive the business forward proactively.

Senior manager in financial services company

Colin was very ambitious and keen to gain a directorship in his company. He let everyone know what he wanted and worked hard to gain the approval of the other directors.

Despite his ambitions and drive, he was not performing that well in his role, he felt very stressed, and only survived by doing everything as fast as he could. We taught Colin how to perform in his role with a calm, centred efficiency, how to prioritise down time through relaxation and meditation as well as connecting with others with no agenda other than to enjoy their company.

Through a consistent focus from his coach on his inner brilliance, he transformed into someone with a depth, a gravitas and a willingness to stay present to his current role and circumstances. From there it was easy for his promotion to be secured and he is now thriving in his directorship.

Senior leader in large multi-national

Rakesh was a successful leader who lacked effective people skills. He would speak endlessly to his team and was unable to keep meetings on track. His team felt irritated with him and he had lost their respect.

We taught Rakesh how to become a good listener and have the confidence to listen to the words and the deeper feelings of others. He had to let go of the inner anxiety that made him speak excessively and compelled him to fill up the time when connecting with others. In addition, as he learnt to listen and to relate kindly to himself, he became a very effective coach to his team members, guiding them towards better opportunities as a result of truly listening to their goals and aspirations.

Sales executive in US based video conferencing company

Jean was very good at selling the company’s services but she did so with great stress and at personal expense to herself. She was always on the go, giving it her all and often becoming ill as a result. She had to learn how to work effectively and with less stress.

Jean did not value herself, her time, her energy or her body and this lack of value was driving her onwards continually in an attempt to prove herself. She had to learn her deep value and how to perform efficiently, without rushing. Once she had let go of some limited thinking, she immediately shifted her focus from ‘I must get everything done’ now to working from a stiller, calmer place. She valued her inner wisdom and came to see that she could get her role done in far less time. This enabled her to have more free time to create a healthy work/life balance.

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