Who are we? Small Self, Big Self or True Self?

We live in a psychologically-sophisticated age. We know we need self-esteem, self-worth, self-compassion, self-love and we need to do self-care. We know we have an ego or personality that can behave badly at times. We know we need to work on ourselves to overcome our negative character traits. We may too have an awareness of an inner essence that is more magnificent than all of this. But who actually are we? A mix of all of this? One self at one moment… and another self at a different moment? Let me try and clarify it. Read More

Traditional Coaching versus Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

There are a plethora of coaches these days. Everything from style coaches, success coaches, business coaches and creativity coaches. All of these coaches have in common the desire to create change for you in some way. Through a variety of techniques, they hope to move you from “A” to “B” so that at “B,” you are where you want to be. There is much value in this approach, and yet the route to “B” most often involves making things happen and taking massive action, based on what looks logical and realistic in your given situation. Read More

Changing Your Self Perception

This week I have been preparing the course outline for the four day Spiritual Intelligence in Coaching course that I am teaching in March 2012 with Nick Williams.

One of the topics we are covering in depth is about self perception. This is important both for our participants and a key topic that they will be helping their clients with as coaches or therapists. Our self perception influences our thinking and therefore our behaviours. Basically, how we perceive ourselves totally impacts how we behave in the world. And guess what, we mostly have our self perception totally wrong! Read More

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