Dealing with Challenges

Dealing with Challenges

Challenges in our lives give us the opportunity always to surrender to a Higher Power and allow that Power to heal us. Throughout difficult times your intuition can guide you in alignment with that Higher Power to assist you in moving through the issue with a sense of ease.

Releasing all your problems, worries and concerns to your Higher Mind for this to take place, involves the following steps: 

Step One: Be clear about what you want help with.

We all have free will, and so by Universal Law we can only be helped if we ask for help with everything we need help with. All you have to say (out loud or in your head) is, “God, Higher Mind, the Universe, angels (whichever you believe in) please help me with …..”, and your request is heard.

Remember this proviso, though:  add to all your requests that you want this or something better to happen. That allows the Universe to use its creative abilities to bring you something even better than you have imagined. Your intuition can see the bigger picture of your life and can see that you could have so much more than you ask for.

In all challenging situations the most valuable thing you can ask for is that your thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and feelings about the situation be healed. For this healing of your perceptions gives you the opportunity to see things differently and it is often when we see things or people differently, that the situation is resolved for us.

Step Two: Detach from your desires

Having made clear requests, your next step is to let go of those requests completely. Let them go in the sure knowledge that the healing of the situation is on its way. Imagine releasing your requests into the hands of your Higher Mind – freeing you from carrying around that burden of concern. If you try to hold onto a situation, or worry about it a lot, you will make it very difficult for your Higher Mind to help you. Know that you will receive the guidance or healing that you need at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way.

This attitude of total detachment declares, “I place this situation totally in your hands and allow you to heal it in whatever way is for my highest good and in alignment with the Higher Purpose of this situation. The more you can surrender your expectations of what you think should happen and how it should work out, the easier you are making things for your Universe. With everything in life, the more you can totally let go of your expectations, the more easily life can work out for you.

Step Three: Be open to your inner guidance

Your intuition will guide you through your subtle inner senses and feelings. Your intuition speaks to you through synchronicities in your life and through repetitive ideas and feelings. Coupled with all guidance is the gut feeling of sense of “Yes, this is right.”

In my book Spiritual Intelligence in Business I highlight four ways your inner guidance can come to you:

“Our inner guidance and wisdom comes to us in four main ways. We are all capable of receiving guidance in all of these ways but our mind has habitual patterns in the way it processes information and so we will tend to favour receiving inner direction in perhaps one or two of these ways. Here are the four ways. See which one resonates with you:

Visual guidance

Visual guidance is the ability to receive mental images and pictures, both within the mind’s eye and in the world around. 

People who easily receive guidance this way thrive on art, interior design, beautiful scenery and the “look” of things, from clothing to architecture.

Visual guidance embraces the imagery that comes during dreams, meditation and times when we are just relaxing, contemplating or day dreaming.
Visual guidance may also come as things we are drawn to in the world around us, or which seem to leap out at us: a sign, a slogan, an internet site, a newspaper headline, a book, or an article read on impulse. One or more of these visual tweaks to our attention turn out to give us all the information we need. Yet the source that draws our attention to this guidance is still within us. All such visual messages (and indeed all messages) will be accompanied by an intuitive gut feeling of rightness: “Yes, that’s the answer I need.”

Auditory guidance

Auditory guidance comes either through the still, quiet inner voice within us, and more commonly as auditory messages from the world around us that we are specifically meant to hear. People who are aware of their auditory senses are those who seem to have finely tuned hearing. Musicians especially tend to find receiving auditory guidance easy. 

Most often, we will pick up auditory messages by overhearing conversations that we are meant to hear, by receiving guidance (requested or not!) from other people, or even by hearing ourselves give “guidance” to others that is really meant for us. Turning on the television or radio often results in our hearing something that was “meant” for our ears. As noted above, these messages will be accompanied by that intuitive gut feeling of rightness.

Sentient Guidance

Sentient guidance is the ability to receive guidance through our body and emotions and through those aptly named gut feelings. Our feelings about something are literally our answers to our questions about it.

People who are naturally in tune with their feelings receive guidance easily this way. They can pick up easily what others feel: they can sense the mood in a room, the intrinsic energy of a place and people they feel drawn to or away from. 

Excitement and passion will draw us towards people and activities that are meant for us; feelings of heaviness and constriction will warn us about those that are not. And often there is no feeling to do anything at all, and that is right also, to do nothing at this time except go within and know that the feeling of when to act will come to you.

Where a choice of action is being considered, imagine how you would feel when following one course, and how you would feel if you did not follow it. Positive bodily feelings signify the right choice in all that you do.

Cognitive guidance

This is the ability to receive answers directly into our minds through ideas and thoughts that just come out of the blue. Often with this form of guidance we just know things, and we do not know how we know! People to whom this form of guidance comes easily are naturally intelligent thinkers who like to analyse, think things through and consider all options before making a decision. They will receive guidance directly into their mind as a series of steps to take one at a time.
All inner guidance will be positive, empowering and work as a win–win for all concerned. It often comes to us as the first thought we receive when we go within and ask what to do.”


Step Four: Quiet Time

Your mind wants to be active all the time, leaping from one thought to another in a way that is completely predictable despite all its activity. This is especially so when you are feeling stressed or worried about an issue. To receive your intuitive guidance, you will need to take some time every day at least to relax and quieten, and preferably to meditate. Ideally this It means going to a place where you can be undisturbed for at least ten minutes and preferably 20 – 30 minutes.  There, you will allow your body to relax and let go of tension by focusing on your breath. People who meditate daily are able to receive guidance more easily because they are used to bringing their minds to quietness and stillness.  It doesn’t matter what form of meditation you use as long as you are stilling your mind in some way.


Step Five: Take action on your guidance

The more you are attuned to your subtle inner senses, the easier it is to receive inner guidance.   This may simply come to you as new thoughts or ideas.  Often in difficult situations the guidance is to do nothing and for us this is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Whatever the form of the message, the content will be repetitive, and it is very important that we do act upon it.  The more you do act in alignment with your intuitive messages, the more you will get to trust them.

As we move on from our personal challenges we really feel that we have been re-born and we are able to see the issue with new eyes. This is often seeing it from a “higher perspective” that is more loving, more compassionate and from an understanding of the other person’s thinking. To get to this place, all we have to do is surrender our limited thinking into the hands of our Higher Mind. This alone will guide you to your release

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