Five Steps to Reveal Your Magnificence

Five Steps to Reveal Your Magnificence

When we feel stressed, overwhelmed or under pressure, we forget that deep within our minds lies a place that remains always untroubled and serene. If we quieten down and relax our bodies – even fleetingly – we can sense this calm inner centre. By getting in touch with it in this way, we can allow its peaceful nature to radiate out and so stem our fast-flowing stream of anxious thoughts.

This inner sanctuary is also the place where our magnificence, our brilliance and our innate grandeur reside, for regardless of our education, upbringing, spiritual practice or our VIP status in the world, the capacity for magnificence lies within each and every one of us. This magnificence is our true essence. It remains constant throughout our good days and bad days, throughout our greatest triumphs and also our darkest challenges. It never fades nor diminishes, but patiently waits for us to acknowledge it and identify with it.

So in our fast-paced, busy lives, how can we align ourselves with this innate magnificence? Here are five easy steps:

One: Be aware of the presence of your magnificence

At turbulent times, when your mind starts to whizz from one thought to the next, it helps just to know that within you is a place that is magnificent and at peace. Remembering this creates some space between you and your mental chaos. Your magnificence is unattached to – and therefore unaffected by – the events in your life. It is able to witness them dispassionately, just as it also witnesses your obsessive thinking without anxiety. For this inner radiance knows that, regardless of how a situation may appear on the surface, deep down all is well and everything is working out perfectly. It understands that there is a Higher plan at play, both individually and collectively. It also knows that you always have a choice: to be adversely affected by your current situation, or on the other hand, to choose peace.

Two: Align with your magnificence rather than your limited perception of yourself

Our true identity is magnificent. Without a proper understanding of this, we are at the mercy of our limited self-perceptions. All of our behaviours, and a large part of our thinking, stem from these perceptions. So by reminding yourself of your true essence – your full magnificence – you can stop being swayed by the challenges and difficulties that arise in your life. You can shift your focus away from all that seems to be wrong with you and all the little mistakes you may have made. You can also stop reproaching yourself for what you have failed to do, achieve or acquire. Instead, you can start to align with your true essence, your brilliance, your magnificence, knowing that you are doing the very best that you can. In short, you recognise that you are fine exactly as you are.

Three: Acknowledge the gifts and talents that your magnificence brings

As you start to acknowledge your inherent magnificence, so too will your talents, skills, abilities and gifts become more apparent, both to yourself and others. It will start to feel natural to honour these skills, and share them for the greater good – rather than merely use them to compare yourself favourably or unfavourably to others. From this higher place of self-honouring, it also becomes easier to take responsibility for your actions, as well as to recognise such moments when you need time out. At certain times, it is important to say “no”, for being magnificent means treating ourselves, and considering our needs, with as much respect as we give to others.

Four: Have a sense of connection to a Higher Power

When we still our minds and have an inner awareness of our magnificence, we feel a sense of connection not only to ourselves, but also to something far greater than ourselves. This is often referred to as “presence”: the state of keeping our awareness in the present, along with an inner awareness of being connected to something vaster than ourselves. Here is our place of power, for this is where we sense what to say and what to do in every moment. Our thoughts and feelings act as our inner guidance system, indicating when we are aligned with this energy, and pointing out times when we have come out of that alignment and re-connected to the thinking of the ego.

Five: You are able to sense the magnificence in all

It can be very difficult to see the innate magnificence of others when they are acting from their ego and behaving in ways that may be negative or even extremely cruel. Yet, within these people, as within all terrorists, child abusers, rapists and murderers, resides this same inner light. These people may well have no awareness of it, and it may be very hard to see it within them, yet it is a light we all share. The more you can look beyond the often horrific behaviours of people’s egos, and know that magnificence resides within them – and do this for everyone you meet, without exception – the more you will be able to see the magnificence within yourself.

All of this thinking takes considerable commitment, both to yourself and to others. Yet, if you can learn to think in this way, the dividends you will gain will be great. Being able to let go of the habit of judging yourself and others is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself: it is the route to peace. Even if just for one day, catch yourself every time you are tempted to judge, and choose a different thought that is in alignment with your radiant magnificence.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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