How to Heal Your Mind

How to Heal Your Mind

The spiritual text A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a three part book containing a text, a workbook and a manual for teachers. The workbook is a 365 day mind training programme based on Universal spiritual truths and it is said to be the channelled teachings of Jesus. Although written in Christian language, I sense it is both Buddhist and Taoist in its teachings and through working with it you obtain a very different perspective on life. The main focus of ACIM is on the re-training of the workings of our minds through forgiveness and the recognition of the profound effect that has on our lives and the lives of those around us.We have literally thousands of thoughts that go through our mind every day. These thoughts colour our perceptions of the world and create the reality that we have. ACIM teaches that there are no idle thoughts and all thought creates form on some level. This behoves us to be very careful what we think about and most importantly, be very willing to change our perceptions of the circumstances of our lives if they are not to our liking.

Our mind contains within it many thousands of beliefs all of which have the complete power to influence how we see our lives, the world around us, other people and ourselves. These beliefs are often based on the past limiting decisions we have taken about life, old assumptions we have made often as a small child and old judgments we have placed on the nature of reality – and these beliefs, based on past conditioning, are dictating our present perceptions. We then add to our present perceptions of what we are experiencing, stories that we constantly tell ourselves and others about how life is for us and guess what, after a while these stories become the life scripts that we live by.

As humans we are lucky to have a large frontal lobe in our brain which I believe makes up some 40% of our brain. Compare this to a dog which has a frontal lobe making up 7% of their brain. This frontal lobe gives us the capacity to observe our thoughts as it makes our thoughts more real for us so that from this observation, we can change or modify them if necessary. With this ability to observe our thoughts we can change our perceptions from perceptions based on fear to perceptions based on love. This is one of the key teachings of ACIM, to hold perceptions based on love.

Awareness is the beginning of changing our old beliefs that no longer serve us. With awareness, we can recognise the belief and then begin to change the way we think about ourselves. As we change the way we think about ourselves, we inevitably change the way we experience the world around us and too, we act differently in the world.

The way our Universe helps us gain new understandings is by giving us new and different information about ourselves and the situations in our lives. With this new information we are able to form new and current beliefs about ourselves and the nature of reality. As we make these internal changes with this new evidence that we now have about ourselves, we begin to live at cause, because we are causing a new effect to happen in our lives.

The more we release our limiting beliefs and the negative emotions that go with them, the more our innate Divine Intelligence can shine through us and create even greater Causes in our lives. This is our purpose in life – to express the Divine Intelligence through us and when we do this life changes, often in ways that we could never imagine.

This work is about breaking the habit of being yourself. It is about seeing yourself differently and behaving in a new and different way. It is about gaining new understandings, changing perceptions, releasing negative emotions and understanding the power of forgiveness to heal your mind.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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