Inner v Outer Security

Inner v Outer Security

We live in a world where we have been taught to place great importance on the material world and all it can bring us. At Christmas this is highlighted with the need to buy presents, fulfil obligations and live up to the expectations that can come with a family Christmas.

As a society, we have been taught to value money, possessions, our houses, cars, clothes as well as our families, friendships and relationships. We have come to rely on all of these things for our feelings of security. Yet, deep down we know that these things could be taken from us at any time. We know there are no guarantees. This precise thought is scary for us and can often make us cling to, and desire, those very things even more. This is what is referred to in the Biblical story as building your house on sand, for when the winds and the rains come (the challenging circumstances of your life), your house could fall to the ground.

In contrast, a house built on rock that can withstand the winds and the rain is a house built on an inner sense of security. It is a house that relies totally on a sense of connection to Source, your True Self or your inner being. This connection can sustain you through any storm and allow you to become gently detached from the “things” of your life. With this security we can allow our lives to change easily and naturally. Without it, we try to control the changes, remove the changes we don’t like and hope to create the changes we do want instead. This all leads to stress for us, instead of allowing things to leave our lives at the right time creating space for another door to open for us.

With this connection to our True Self, we can also realise that when things leave our lives we see their lack of value for us and, in fact, we didn’t need them at all. Ironically with this attitude of non-attachment, the people and things that really are right for us come into our lives easily and bring us much joy. Any void space gets filled up and we start to experience fullness when we don’t force things and what comes into our lives is perfect for us.

So how do we increase our inner connection?

Here are 4 ways:

1. As you go throughout your days, go within on a regular basis and sense your inner being. This may feel like an energy that is totally peaceful and calm within. You may notice that connection with this energy centres you and makes you feel more at ease. Allow your mind to rest there, even if just for a few moments at a time, and through doing this, you will strengthen your awareness of your inner being and benefit from the re-balancing that it brings.

2. In every situation, trust your connection to your True Self to give you all the answers you need rather than only trusting your logical mind. Ask your True Self to give you the answers with clarity and to give you the courage to act on that clarity. Know that what is guided from within will always be for your highest good and greatest joy. Allow the answers to come to you at the right time and, if you are unsure of your guidance, do nothing until you are sure.

3. With everything that you deem to be an issue or problem in your life, place it in the hands of your True Self; with every negative emotion that you feel, once you have felt it, let the emotion go too into this inner energy of peace; with every fear you have about the future, place it in the hands of you True Self; with every goal you intend to manifest, place the steps to that goal into this energy, which is totally at one with your Higher Mind. Having let these things go, you can then relax and allow yourself to be guided from within on how to solve your problems, how to free yourself from your negative emotions and how to reach any goal you desire.

4. To support this, any form of regular meditation will always make you more connected within and more able to be intuitive and guided in all that you say and do. As you do this meditation, you learn to trust this inner connection more and know that it will also make you magnetic to all that is meant for you.

So, as you grow to totally depend on this inner connection to your True Self for your sense of security, you can gently let go of those areas where you were holding on.

The aim is always to be like the Tao which “gives birth to all things

Creating without possessing

Acting without expecting

Guiding without interfering.”

(from Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the  Tao Te Ching)


Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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