Opening the Door to Receiving

Opening the Door to Receiving

We live in a culture where we feel we have to go out and achieve things and have things to be successful. We feel if we are not trying to achieve something, then there may be something wrong with us. This leads us to subtly, or – not so subtly – to feel pressured all the time to go out and get.

Through our desire to get, to achieve and to have we often forget that there is a whole Universe waiting to give to us. Our Universe is set up for our perfection and if we are willing and able to get out of the way, it will bring us that perfection very easily. And this is the crux of the matter – we have to be willing to say Universe, i do not know what is meant to happen here, I do not know what is  for the best in this situation and I am willing to let go and allow Universal will to handle this situation for me. From this request then Universal energy can flow in and  the way forward is gradually made clear. This requires a profound shift in our thinking from “this is what I want to have happen here” to “what is meant to happen here?”

The time when this way of thinking is so difficult is when we are feeling insecure in the circumstances of our lives. Our very insecurity make us want to take control and make certain things happen that are of our choosing. We get into desperately wanting to know what is going to happen, how will this work out, and we are always in a state of seeking answers. To be able to let go of that thinking and get to the place where we are really open to receive the clarity that shows us the way forward, we have to get to the state of total detachment which states, “I am happy whatever happens”. We have to be totally willing also to give up our pre-conceived ideas about what should happen, our judgements on the situation, our personal position and all the conclusions we have already reached. We have to get to that place where we can say, I do not care what happens because I know what the Universe brings me will be perfect. Once we are in this place the Universe can start to work for us to bring about perfection and all we have to do is be an open receiver of that perfection. In truth, we have to do nothing except be the receiver.

This place of “I need do nothing” is not an easy one to get to as we are so conditioned to go out and act  and be in control but if we can get there, our whole body language changes and our energy opens right up. There is a perceptible shift in our body posture and muscle tension. It feels like instead of having to go out and “get”, we can just relax back into opening up to receive what the Universe has in store for us. Try to get a feel for this different body language between feeling you must go out and get compared with just allowing yourself to receive – which feel softer, easier and less stressful? If you think of pictures of Jesus he is often depicted with both his hands a little distance from his sides and with both his palm facing forward in a very open and receptive position – he is not pictured leaning forward trying to grasp at something and having to be in control!

This receptive and allowing outlook does not mean that we sit at home all day doing nothing (unless that is what we are guided to do), it means that we can soften into a place letting things happen rather than making them happen. We can allow synchronicities to work for us and for our good to come to us with ease. Very often the challenging circumstances of our lives are opportunities for us to get right out of the way, do nothing, and let the Universe get to work bringing perfection to us with the absolute knowledge that the Universe has a win for all intended. So in any situation that is not to your liking, place the entire situation in the hands of God or the Universe and get out of the way knowing that your only role is to be an open receiver of Higher Will. Think of being a Diving receiving station which is shining light out into the Universe and at the same time is totally receptive to Divine inspiration, Divine abundance and Divine love – it really is that simple. And with this receptive approach, one thing we receive is all the guidance and wisdom we need to help us through in every situation. We just have to be willing to give up the belief that we are in control or that we should take control so that things work out as we want them to. For the truth is that we really do not know everything and often how we think a situation should work out is really not for the highest and best for all concerned. The best  prayer we can have here is that Divine Will be done and then we must let everything unfold according to that Will.

If we can know that the Universe and Divine Will really does have our good at heart and wants what is best for us and we can trust that, then we can easily surrender the control and let that Higher knowledge take over. Does it make life easier and less stressful and less anxious? Yes definitely!

And one last thought: just as when the student is ready, the teacher appears so too, when the receiver is ready, the giver appears in every circumstance!

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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