Refocus The Lens

Refocus The Lens

Our minds and our consciousness are like a camera with a zoom lens. Sometimes we have this lens open for a wide angled shot, but most of the time we have the lens zoomed in and focused on what we want to see. We programme our camera from our consciousness to seek out for us certain circumstances and experiences and this programming faithfully brings us exactly what we want. Our problem lies in the fact that this programming is done largely at an unconscious level. It is based on beliefs and attitudes that we acquired from our early experiences when our mind was that of a young child, without the understanding of adult knowledge and wisdom. So this is why although, at a conscious level, we want and hope for certain things to come about in our lives, working against this are our underlying beliefs and attitudes that often have us believe that we are not worthy of such things. These underlying attitudes are what get reflected back to us in our lives showing us the unconscious beliefs and therefore the unconscious lens that we are looking through.

What is good news, in contrast, is that we can choose to re-programme these beliefs and the lens we select. How we view the circumstances of our lives helps us hugely in this re-programming. In every situation we experience we do have a choice about how we experience it and how we respond to it, and this experience and response will always come from the lens we are looking through. We can allow ourselves to experience life through our unconscious lens that may lead us to see things in a negative way or we can gently take charge of our responses with awareness and view experiences as we choose. How we view ourselves though, is of course at the core of this. As we change our self belief and self image, our behaviours naturally change and so does the world around us. That is why it is so helpful to work with someone who is able to assist you in changing these limiting beliefs that you are holding about yourself. I have found that in my work with clients, the most valuable way I can help people is to assist them in seeing themselves differently, as well as freeing them from the mindsets that are limiting the awareness of their Truth.

If I recall rightly, A Course In Miracles describes the unfortunate way we see ourselves as weak, vicious, ugly, sinful, beset with pain, filled with warring parts and held together by a God to whom we pray for help. So, if underneath the persona that we show to the world, we are holding even some of these mindsets about ourselves, you can see why it is hard to draw to you all that your Universe wishes you to receive. What we can do though is affirm the light about ourselves – light being the spiritual understanding of who we are and why we are here. The light gives us the realisation that we are one with the Creator and as such we are a precise reflection of the Creator. So all the attributes that the Creator has, we have too and anything contrary to that is merely a false idea that we are holding about ourselves, based on the ego’s belief that we are separate from the Creator. I suggest you pick an attribute that you feel the Creator is – it may be joyful or loving, abundant, compassionate, wise, magnificent or totally worthy and hold this in your camera’s lens about yourself as you go about your day. When circumstances come along that may seem to the contrary, affirm that this is a wrong perception and is not the Truth of who you are. You can heal your mind by knowing, this is something I am going through, but it is not who I am. In time what will happen is that your outer reality will start to match up with your new self belief as you maintain this new lens that you observe yourself and your life through. Enjoy re- programming your camera and experiment with your zoom lens – have it wide angled whenever it feels right to open up and take in more and zoom in when necessary.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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