Spiritual Intelligence in Business

Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success

This book will give you new paradigms for business for the 21st century.

This book will guide you to:

  • reframe your views on all that you do in your business life
  • use ancient spiritual principles to take responsibility for your success
  • rethink some of your long-held beliefs about taking business decisions

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Spiritual Intelligence in Business

The world is hungry for new ways to work and be in business that are more inspiring. Sarah combines modern insights with ancient wisdom to show us new and life affirming exciting options to create meaning in our work.
Nick Williams, Author of The Work We Were Born To Do
Your efforts in this book will bring help, support and success to countless people; how wonderful. You have managed to deal with intellectually challenging and profound subject matter with a light and meaningful touch for people in today’s environment.
CEO, PKB Achieve
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