Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life

This book offers you the seven foundational principles of Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership. These principles apply both to leadership in business and to self-leadership: an essentail tool for anyone wanting to live their life in alignment with their Highest and Best Self.

It also gives you the opportunity to access:

  • your greatest talents and resources
  • your creativity
  • inner peace
  • a sense of fulfilment

Importantly it shows you how to let go of the ego’s thinking and instead embrace the thinking of the True Self, where all of these gifts lie.

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Sarah highlights that effective leadership is down to our own ability to lead ourselves first, through mindful awareness of our thinking, attitudes, behaviours, and intentions. The book, surprisingly, actually resonates with things that I kind-of already knew – for example, the more we focus on ourselves, and become in tune with what our gut instincts are, the better we can lead our self, and the better we lead ourselves, the better we can lead others. Sarah draws on her own experiences, and also on examples from prominent figures such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey to illustrate her strong, well-reasoned points.
Management Issues Magazine
Sarah’s book is superb – really well researched and full of deeply personal stories which beautifully illustrate the wide range of concepts and practical techniques that form Spiritual Intelligence. In my role as Human Resources Director for a large international business, I found that when I was truly able to practice this kind of leadership, I was at my very best and results flowed, sometimes almost effortlessly.
Nikki Cartwright , Author of Knockout Interview Answers: 52 Brilliant Ideas to Clinch Your Dream Job
Sarah’s book gives us real clarity on the intelligence that is essential for inspired leadership in the 21st century. It provides seven key foundations that we all need to embrace to flourish both in our own lives as well as in our leadership positions. Sarah is a powerful agent for change who walks her talk.
Malcolm Stern , Psychotherapist, Author and co-founder of Alternatives at St James’s Church, Piccadilly
Sarah’s book has enabled me to understand my own purpose and with this inner knowledge will enable my real legacy to be protected and enhanced. To inspire leaders to be better than they ever believed possible.
Brian Chernett, Executive Chairman ELLAFORUMS CIC
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