Free Guided Meditations

These tracks aim to inform and inspire you in the art of meditation.

Do these meditations in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a chair where you can sit upright and be comfortable with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands lightly on your thighs, palms uppermost. Have your eyes shut. Do your best to sit still throughout your meditation practice.

Be patient with yourself during your meditation practice. You are giving yourself the time to train your mind and to let go of old patterns and tensions which is very valuable.

Relax and enjoy them.

Relaxing Meditation

The first meditation is a basic meditation to help you to relax your body and mind.

All background music by Thaddeus (order from LuminEssence Productions at

18:00 Meditation to relax and unwind (16.4MB)

Taoist Meditations

Taoist meditations focus on the generation and circulation of energy or “chi” which can be used to promote health, longevity and spiritual awareness.

01:47 Introduction to working with Dantien, earth and celestial energies. (1.6MB)
17:50 Meditation to clear your energy fields with the Dantien, and with earth and celestial energies (16.3MB)
02:14 Introduction to Taoist meditation “The Inner Smile” and clearing negative emotions (2.0MB)
24:00 The Inner Smile meditation inspired by Mantak Chia (21.9MB)

Buddhist Meditations

These three meditations help you to focus your mind, helping you to have a calm and concentrated mind in your daily life.

01:47 Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (1.7MB)
16:44 Mindfulness Meditation (15.7MB)
00:53 Introduction to Breath Meditation (0.9MB)
18:20 Breath Meditation (17.2MB)
01:27 Introduction to Loving Kindness (1.4MB)
13:52 Loving Kindness Meditation (13.1MB)
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