Standing in Your Power

Standing in Your Power

When we think of the word power, it is easy for us to have many negative connotations come to mind. A good example we may think of is Churchill leading Britain to victory in World War Two with his attitude of “victory at all costs,” and his resolute determination to operate on his own terms whatever sacrifices were necessary from the British people and the nation as a whole.

We may also think of power as being synonymous with force, strength, control, competition and a commanding or domineering attitude that “makes” people do a certain thing. This attitude is very masculine in its orientation and appears to be supported and encapsulated by people who are very driven in their outlook, and who want to retain their position of superiority, regardless of the effect this has on others. As a result we have largely come to fear power and fear people, organisations or governments who appear to wield that power either as a result of their economic strength or their position of authority over us. Yet it is obvious from current world events that this old dictatorial, coercive, suppressive form of power is coming to an end and a new way is emerging.

However, if we go back through the ages in Western Europe we find that coupled with this male domination is the old fashioned belief that women are the “weaker sex”, the ones who should stay at home and bring up the children while the men go out and do the “real work.” Women who do just that have been led to feel that because they do not contribute economically to the household and the world, they are less valuable and the contributions that they make are not really that important. This belief that women are weaker has unfortunately been supported by male sexual abuse, threats and often violence. They have led women to think and feel that they are less valuable, less worthy and most importantly, powerless. Also, women feel that if they are to enter the “real world” they must try to be like men, act like men and dress like men so that they feel part of the male oriented society.

When women did stand in their power in the Middle Ages they were deemed to be witches, heretics and dangerous people who were then condemned to torture, execution or burning at the stake. For about 600 years it was unsafe to stand up for what you believed in if it differed to the opinions of the ruling church or the State. As a result, we as people and especially women, tend to favour the masculine approach to power and when demonstrating our power we based it upon logic, rational thinking, taking control, and dominance.

It is important to realise that there is another way of acting and being in the world that is just as powerful and yet incorporates the qualities of love, softness, kindness, intuition and creativity. This other way embraces the feminine principle of power that can be actually far more effective. It bases its power, not on the material world that is perceived through our senses, but its connection to the spiritual world in which we are all powerful, abundant and limitless. The only shift that is really required to connect to this spiritual world is a shift in thinking. The more we are able to identify with this world, the world of spirit identification as it is known, the more real it becomes for us and we are able to live in the physical reality, with our thoughts centred in the spiritual reality.

My belief is that this is what we are here to do so here are some ideas as to how you can embrace this feminine, spiritual power and shift your perception:

1.    Take responsibility for your life. We are the co-creators of our lives and, whether we like it or not, the circumstances of our lives are a result of our thinking and our innate desire to evolve and grow. We are powerless when we are feeling or acting from a place of being a victim and blaming others for the circumstances we find ourselves in. In any situation that is not of our conscious choosing it is so helpful to ask your inner sense of knowing “What am I to learn in this situation?” “What do i need to change about the way I am being or acting or perceiving in this situation for it to change?” Having received the answer, and it may be to make you stronger in terms of your ability to have faith, patience, inner security, feel worthy or to have an inner connection etc, do your very best to learn that lesson every time the opportunity manifests to learn it.

2.    Hold a vision. People that are powerful keep in mind a clear vision of where they are getting to. This vision comes not from a list of things they wish to achieve for themselves, but from an inner sense of knowing that emanates from deep within them. The vision often comes to then when they ask the Universe “what do you want me to achieve?” The Universe then gives them a vision in response to their prayer. With that vision they relax and focus on allowing that vision to manifest rather than making it happen. They take action to create that vision by being guided to act at the right time, and if there is no action to take they accept that and remain in trust that when the timing is right, Universal energies will support their action. In effect they work in total harmony with Universal energies to manifest that vision.

3.    Combining your psychology with God’s Power. With every thought you think, you can either be connected to the Truth within you which says you are perfect or to the ego’s beliefs you hold about yourself which emphasize your imperfections, limitations and lack. When we connect to the inner Truth within us, it enables us to gently let go of our ego-based perceptions and utilise the power of Source to help us move beyond them in every area of our lives. When we allow ourselves to connect with our minds to the Power that is within us, we are truly empowering ourselves. When we act from that Power, we have no choice but to be awesome. Furthermore, we also have the opportunity to surrender our problems and issues to this Power in the knowledge that this Power is huge compared to our seeming problems and issues. With this surrender we can know that the answer to our problems has already manifested and we can affirm that fact. This ability to think high vibrational thoughts and centre our focus on God’s Power within us enables us to be truly empowered and to work in wonderful ways.

4.    Focus on how you are being, not on what you are doing. The masculine approach to power focuses on the material world and what you are doing in it to be successful. It sees success as purely a material thing that can be measured by money, worldly power and possessions. The feminine approach values who you are being in your life. It places huge value on being loving, peaceful, kind, accepting and understanding. It focuses on doing your best in every situation and on what can be given in a situation, not what can be got from a situation. In short, its focus is to be of service in whatever way it can be.

5.    Shining your light. Within each and every one of us is this innate Power which often feels like a light within so effective that it can create transformation for those we come into contact with. Part of our mission here is to be willing to shine our light for others to see and benefit from. Our individual light is the sum our gifts, talents, skills and the pure Essence that we are here to offer to the world in service to others. We connect with that light through prayer and meditation, and by doing this, the stronger and more effective our light becomes.

So in your quiet time, allow yourself to connect with the Power that is within you, for it is this that will make your sense of personal power grow and increase. Have fun shining your light.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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