What can we Learn from Eastern Philosophies about our Health?

Taoist philosophies go back some 5000 years, predating Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual leaders by over 2000 years. Taoist Masters were always seeking ways to attain a balanced life of health, longevity, love and spiritual fulfilment. They believed that the inner workings of our bodies were supported by the flow of Chi, or energy, around the body. This Chi, and ultimately our bodies, are connected to, and a reflection of, different aspects of the outer world – the five elements, the seasons, the planets and the cycles of the Moon and the Earth.

An interesting aspect of Taoist philosophies is their belief that our emotions are stored in our internal organs, not in our minds, and that the mind merely determines how they are used. They found that certain specific negative emotions are associated with each organ and these negative energies build up over time affecting the flow of Chi through the organs. This, coupled with the toxins and pollution we absorb, can also disrupt our circulation and eventually the nerve impulses within each organ. Read More

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