How to Heal Your Mind

The spiritual text A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a three part book containing a text, a workbook and a manual for teachers. The workbook is a 365 day mind training programme based on Universal spiritual truths and it is said to be the channelled teachings of Jesus. Although written in Christian language, I sense it is both Buddhist and Taoist in its teachings and through working with it you obtain a very different perspective on life. The main focus of ACIM is on the re-training of the workings of our minds through forgiveness and the recognition of the profound effect that has on our lives and the lives of those around us. Read More

Taking the Easy Route

Yesterday, I went for a wonderful complementary Spa day with my good friend Chantal Cooke. We were very excited about this day as we had not only a day of relaxation and chatting to look forward to, but also free drinks and lunch, free massages and 40 minutes in their dimly lit flotation pool with its gentle current to move you slowly around the pool while you rest on the warm salty water (my personal favourite thing!). Read More

Changing Your Self Perception

This week I have been preparing the course outline for the four day Spiritual Intelligence in Coaching course that I am teaching in March 2012 with Nick Williams.

One of the topics we are covering in depth is about self perception. This is important both for our participants and a key topic that they will be helping their clients with as coaches or therapists. Our self perception influences our thinking and therefore our behaviours. Basically, how we perceive ourselves totally impacts how we behave in the world. And guess what, we mostly have our self perception totally wrong! Read More

Deepening the Feminine Energy

Getting in touch with your feminine energy sounds easy, doesn’t it? Meditate for a while and you must be there? In truth, for most of us it is not that easy, either for women or for men. One of the key reasons for this is that the feminine is represented in our consciousness by our mothers. For many of us, our relationships with our mothers were not the nurturing, supportive relationships that would have enabled us to fully develop our feminine power. Read More

Why Goal Setting Can Ruin Your Life

We live in a world where acquisition and achievement have become all important. This has been supported by our innate desire to have more and be more in life. A whole movement which studied the psychology of success over the past 40 years has taught us that the only way to acquisition and achievement, in short to “success,” is to set clearly defined goals. Having set these goals, they are achieved by focusing unwaveringly on their achievement and taking action, often daily, to achieve those chosen outcomes. Read More

Refocus The Lens

Our minds and our consciousness are like a camera with a zoom lens. Sometimes we have this lens open for a wide angled shot, but most of the time we have the lens zoomed in and focused on what we want to see. We programme our camera from our consciousness to seek out for us certain circumstances and experiences and this programming faithfully brings us exactly what we want. Read More

Programmed for Perfection

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” St Catherine of Siena

The Bishop of London who gave the sermon at William and Kate’s wedding on Friday started his sermon with this wonderful quote. The 29th April is the festival of St Catherine of Siena and so this quote was so fitting. As we go about our busy days though it is easy to forget that we are here to be something that God meant us to be. It is very easy to focus purely on our outer world and all that is happening in that world around us. We forget that we have inner world and that the key message of that inner world is that we were created perfect. Read More

Standing in Your Power

When we think of the word power, it is easy for us to have many negative connotations come to mind. A good example we may think of is Churchill leading Britain to victory in World War Two with his attitude of “victory at all costs,” and his resolute determination to operate on his own terms whatever sacrifices were necessary from the British people and the nation as a whole. Read More

Let it Be … ‘Cause Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

On Wednesday night, I went to the BBC Formula One team party which was held at a gorgeous gastro pub in Shere, Surrey. The evening was a mix of chatting, a lovely meal and then music played by a brilliant singer and electric guitarist called Kane and Eddie Jordan (BBC F1 commentator) on the tabla (Indian drum). The singer had put medleys of songs together, often starting off with one song, singing part of anther in the middle of it and then returning to the first song to complete the medley. Read More

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