Taking the Easy Route

Taking the Easy Route

Yesterday, I went for a wonderful complementary Spa day with my good friend Chantal Cooke. We were very excited about this day as we had not only a day of relaxation and chatting to look forward to, but also free drinks and lunch, free massages and 40 minutes in their dimly lit flotation pool with its gentle current to move you slowly around the pool while you rest on the warm salty water (my personal favourite thing!).

Our Spa day was scheduled to start at 8.30 and we met in Guildford at 7.30 to drive to the Spa in Wokingham.  Chantal had looked up the route the night before to see how to get there from Guildford and we set up my Sat Nav to help us find the way. We both thought that the quickest route to Wokingham was to go out towards Farnham and then across country from there – however the SatNav was telling us otherwise! In our determination to get there as soon as we could, we over-rode the SatNav and continued on towards Farnham until the SatNav agreed with “our” quickest route.

We finally arrived at 9.00, feeling a bit annoyed that the journey was meant to be only 15 miles and we had driven for 26 and it had taken us what felt like ages. It was clearly the SatNav’s fault for taking us on such a circuitous route!

On the way home in the evening, feeling very chilled and happy we let the SatNav guide us and got back to Guildford in good time and with what seemed to be a much shorter and quick journey. We realised that in deciding that we knew better than the SatNav, we had given ourselves a much longer journey there in the morning which meant we had not arrived at the start of our day as we had intended.

In the evening I was reflecting on this and realised that the SatNav is really a metaphor for our Universe or God which are always guiding us on the quickest and also the “right” route to our chosen destination. What can so easily happen though is that our logical mind thinks it knows better. It decides that “our” way is the most direct, the fastest and the way that we are to take. Our logical mind thinks it know best and it makes us forge ahead, with determination and gusto. With this realistic thinking, we are unable to hear the messages of our internal SatNav which is saying to us “go this way,” “head in this direction,” “change course here” to get you where you are destined to go. Invariably, the destination is the same, only one route seems the right one to take and the other one doesn’t to a mind that rests only in logic and determination to achieve its chosen outcomes.

So how can we be more open and aware of our internal SatNav and the journey that it is taking us on?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Know your destination (which only your heart can guide you to) and allow the route to be shown to you. Do this in trust that the universe really does know the best way to achieve what you are here to be, do and have. This “allowing” your route to be shown to you requires that you are relaxed and open to the messages and guidance that you are receiving from both within you, and from the world around you. All the time our Universe is guiding us, nudging us and giving us little messages on our way. To see and receive these though, our physical senses have to be honed and receptive: our vision, our hearing, our thoughts and our feelings, including our gut feelings that clarify that what we are shown is “right.” These senses make us fully aware of the intuitive guidance that we are receiving.
  • We have to let go of the outcome that we are focusing on, I find, almost to the point of not thinking about it. I know we are taught to focus on your dreams to bring them into reality, but I have found that by forgetting about them they suddenly pop up in my life without me really having tried to achieve them. All I do is place my dreams in the hands of God or the universe and get on with life, knowing that if I need to do anything my inner SatNav will get me to take appropriate action. This very letting go means that we are no longer holding on tightly to things which in turn makes it so much easier for the Universe to guide you. I know that when I am really strong in my focus on something, it almost as if I am receiving no guidance about it at all. Yet when i let go and feel happy whether it comes my way or not, all the messages and synchronicities pour in…and of course I feel I don’t actually “need” them then because I am in a place of detachment.
  • Know that when things are looking as though they are just not going to work out in the way you had intuited or hoped for, this is just your Higher Mind preparing you mentally and emotionally to receive them. There may well be habits, behaviours or patterns of thinking that you may be holding as well as beliefs that are just preventing these things from coming to you, and these have to be healed first. If they are not, you will just not be in the right energetic alignment to receive your desire and you will not be an open receptacle to receive it. This is where our patience and faith come in and our willingness to trust the messages we have received in our life about where we are going. In this situation ask for more faith, more patience and more trust that you are moving forward, although it may not seem so in the outer world. If in doubt ask yourself what repetitive messages and thoughts have you been receiving about this that perhaps either you have forgotten about or that you have ignored. Bringing these back to conscious awareness can really help you.

Being Spiritually Intelligent means that we know that God wants us to be happy, successful and fulfilled. If He nudges us through our inner SatNav, on a different route than we have in mind, acknowledge that He is right and we are wrong. I know that I have spend many years getting it wrong with “my way,” so I  am willing now to hand over the controls as best I can and let Him guide me to where He wants me to go. I trust His bigger vision for me and my life and His superior knowledge on how I can best achieve it. Set up your SatNav and do the same.

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