How Can You Be The Light in the World?

How Can You Be The Light in the World?

One of the key teachings of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles is “you are the light of the world.” This means that each and every one of us, without exception, is this light that The Course speaks of that we can bring into the world. We are that light on our good days and on our bad days. We are that light when things are going wrong and when things are going well. We are this light regardless of what is going on in our world. This light within us never fades nor diminishes, however bad we may have been.This inner light is the light of our spiritual essence, our spiritual power and our spiritual knowledge. It is the part of us that is One with all of life. It is all knowing and all powerful, yet as we go through our daily lives with our challenges and pressures of work, we do not feel the least bit powerful. We often feel the exact opposite and adversely affected by our current life circumstances.

So what would it be like to experience you were the light in the world in a busy working day? And what would it feel like to see others in this way?

Firstly you would have an awareness of the light within you. You can connect to this light either through the heart, using your breath to help you feel into the light or warmth in the heart (and placing a hand on your heart helps with this connection); or, you can sense this inner light in the stillness of your mind. By quieting your thoughts, you naturally and easily are tuned into this light of your spiritual essence.

When you have an inner awareness of the light within you as you go about your daily tasks, you feel a sense of connection not only to yourself, but also to something far greater than yourself. This is what is referred to as “presence” or truly being present: keeping your awareness in the present moment, aware of this inner connection. This is your place of power because from here you can sense what to say and do in every moment. You also have a close relationship to yourself and how you are feeling. Your feelings act as your inner guidance system to show you when you are in alignment with Source energy and when you have come out of that alignment and are connected to the thinking of the ego.

Secondly, you would see yourself differently. When you are totally identified with your self perceptions and both your thinking and behaviours stem from those perceptions. Much of the work I do with my coaching clients is to help them see themselves differently and so create different behaviours and results in the world. When you are able to see yourself as this light of the world, importantly, you are much less caught up with the way you look, You do not have obsessive thoughts about any weight you may be carrying, the cellulite on your thighs or any wrinkles on your face; you are not focused on what is wrong with you and all the things that you have done wrong or are doing wrong; you don’t talk harshly to yourself about all that you have failed to do, or not achieved or acquired. Instead you are able to see yourself in your True essence, your brilliance, your magnificence and your amazing-ness. In short you recognise that you are fine exactly as you are.

With this acknowledgement of your magnificence you are fully aware of all of your talents, skills, abilities and gifts that you have that you are able to use for the benefit of all. The gifts you share with your work colleagues, your peers and with those you meet as you go about your day. Most notably, you absolutely honour those talents and skills rather than comparing them to the skills that others have that you do not possess and wish that you did. From this place of self honouring, you take responsibility for acknowledging your need for rest, time off and the importance of saying “no” when you need to. Being the light of the world does not mean that you treat yourself and your needs with any less respect than you would give the needs of others.

Thirdly, you are able to see others as the light in the world too. However difficult this may seen when it comes to challenging people in the workshop and too, terrorists, child abusers, rapists and murderers, they too have within them the same light that we all do. I know that this is very hard to hear when these people act with such cruelty and yet, buried deep within them is the same light that is within us all. These people who are acting totally at the effect of their ego’s are not light-less, they are just totally disconnected from it all of the time. And they believe that they have some justification for what they are doing. This is where we have to be really strong and see this light within them that is so hidden. As we focus on all that they are doing wrong, and the strength of their hatred towards others, the more we will see evidence of that in the world. These people, and all the people in our own lives that are difficult for us, are giving us opportunities to forgive and see a different perspective on them; they are giving us the opportunity to see the light in them where there seems to be so much evidence of darkness; as we are able to do this, it allows us to see and know even more light within ourselves. In sort, the stronger you get at being able to see the light in everyone you meet, the stronger you will become at seeing that you really are the light of the world yourself.

All of this thinking takes huge inner commitment both to yourself and to others and yet if you are able to see in this way, the dividends you will gain will be great. Being able to let go of the habit of judging yourself and others is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and even more important, it is the route to peace. Even if just for one day, catch yourself every time you are tempted to judge and choose a different thought that is in alignment with the statement “you (and others) are the light of the world”.

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