Traditional Coaching versus Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

Traditional Coaching versus Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

There are a plethora of coaches these days. Everything from style coaches, success coaches, business coaches and creativity coaches. All of these coaches have in common the desire to create change for you in some way. Through a variety of techniques, they hope to move you from “A” to “B” so that at “B,” you are where you want to be. There is much value in this approach, and yet the route to “B” most often involves making things happen and taking massive action, based on what looks logical and realistic in your given situation.

With Spiritual Intelligence in coaching, we offer a different approach. Whereas traditional coaching emphasises the value of setting clear goals for your chosen destination or desire, Spiritual Intelligence places a value on the wisdom, clear direction and guided action that comes from within. This is the wisdom that comes from a Higher Power, be that God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit or the Universe. This “Higher” knowledge knows exactly where we are destined to go and what we are truly destined to achieve in life. It knows the ultimate plan for our lives and all that we are to do, to be and to have. This wisdom directs and nudges us through our intuitive hunches and our sense of inspiration. The more we are able to follow this intuited and inspired plan, the more our lives take on a sense of meaning and fulfilment. This is often in direct contrast to following the chosen outcomes and whims of our personality.

With Spiritual Intelligence we come to know that our peace, our happiness and our success is already programmed within us. We recognise that we do not have to seek things in the outer world to give us these feelings, because we are already the peace, happiness and success that we desire. Our purpose is to express that very essence of ourselves in the world in the very best way that we are able. This thinking takes the pressure off ourselves to achieve and acquire things and instead, we can enjoy doing all that we are intuitively guided to do. We become receptive beings, open to receive the benefits and the all-seeing, all-knowing and always present wisdom of Spirit.

Another emphasis of traditional coaching is that of self improvement. It suggests that we are here to become “better” people. With this emphasis on being better versions of ourselves, we lose sight of the fact that we are already created in essence as perfect and whole. There is nothing wrong with us. The only problem we have is that we are suffering from our own wrong minded thinking about ourselves. With Spiritual Intelligence coaching we are guided to correct that, often having to change deeply help and untruthful beliefs that we are holding about ourselves and our life. Beliefs such as ‘I am not worthy’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am not wanted’ and ‘I am not loveable’ can generate behaviours that really hold us back from experiencing our full potential in life and experiencing the Truth of who we really are. The good news is that these beliefs are all not true. They are just negative thoughts that we have wrongly taken on from our early life. With awareness and an honouring of ourselves, and with an acknowledgement of who we Truly are, we can change these beliefs with ease in tandem with our Higher Power.

This awareness of what we are thinking and feeling in the present moment is vital. For our only point of power is in the present moment. It is here are able to choose whether to continue with our wrong minded thinking or believe the Truth about ourselves. It is here too, that we are guided to our next steps if we are willing to quiet our mind and listen for direction rather than decide logically for ourselves. This is in direct contrast to the coaching approach of setting out three or five year plans. This approach encourages us to live in the future, always striving for some future destination, which, when we arrive at it is not as fulfilling or enriching as we had once hoped. With a focus in the present, it does not mean that we do not act in the world: it means that we act in alignment with the innate flow of our life, the Tao of our being that really does know what will make us happy and fulfilled. And this is the key point: our personality does not know what will make us happy. It will keep us on a treadmill of seeking happiness and never finding it with endless goals and aspirations. Our True nature, our Divinity if you like, has only our happiness in mind, and nothing else. This Divinity within each and every one of us comes only from one place: that of love for ourselves and love for others.

To access this place of love, or kindness if you prefer, requires that we tune within and ask how we may best serve or add value in every situation that we enter into. It requires that we allow situations to be taken care of for us. Most importantly it requires that we surrender the control that we like to have over our lives and allow ourselves to be directed by the thinking of Love. This all sounds easy doesn’t it? And yet for many of us letting go of control and letting go of needing our desires to be met is deeply challenging to our personality’s thinking. And this is where a support system is needed to help us move through the shift from “I want it this way” to “may Thy Will be done.”

The choice to surrender to this way of thinking and being in the world means that we have to have total faith in the Divine plan, even if it is not to our liking. It means that we have to take action on the guidance that we receive even if it feels scary and monumental to do so. It means that we have to willingly enter into situations that hone the areas of our personalities that are not yet still in alignment with our innate perfection. And lastly it means that we have to constantly be willing to forgive everything that shows up in our lives where we are unable to love.

With Spiritual Intelligence we accept this challenge in the knowledge that this is the only, and real, path “Home.”

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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