What can the Queen Teach us about Spiritual Intelligence?

What can the Queen Teach us about Spiritual Intelligence?


I really enjoyed listening to the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, and her message to us all for 2014.

I loved her focus on the balance between action and reflection which is what our Spiritual Intelligence is always guiding us to do: “With so many distractions, it is easy to forget to pause and take stock. Be it through contemplation, prayer, or even keeping a dairy, many have found the practice of quiet personal reflection surprisingly rewarding, even discovering greater spiritual depth to their lives.”

I believe this is a message we can all take with us through this year, which has an exciting energy of transformation about it. To embrace this energy, and to create transformation in our lives, we have to be willing to give ourselves the space for these periods of reflection, contemplation, and meditation that the Queen refers to in her Christmas message.  With this time, we can still our minds sufficiently to hear the inner whispers, the intuitive hunches, and the sense of new direction, purpose and transformation that this year can bring us.

I work with many business owners who rely on this time out as essential ‘White Space’ that they place in their diaries on a weekly basis, during which they are unavailable to the outside world. During this ‘White Space’ time, they quieten their minds and seek inspiration from their inner world and guidance from their own Internal Teacher. They use this time as a space to gain new creative ideas about their business and to be given solutions from within to ongoing issues. They go deeper into their own inner world, gaining perspective and insight on their lives and that of their business, and they use the time to powerfully envision the future. This White Space is a pre-requisite for aligning with their flow and with all that they are truly meant to be doing and being. It connects them both with their silent inner world of stillness and wisdom and also with the huge power to generate change that is within them. This in turn leads them to resolution of problems and greater business acumen and success. 

The best time for us all to create this White Space is first thing on awakening in the morning. At this time, our subconscious mind is open after our night’s sleep, and we have the opportunity to fill it with our positive intentions for the day.

These intentions may include:

  • placing the day in the hands of the Divine
  • having a day filled with happiness, joy and love
  • showing up in all that we do as our highest and best
  • being guided throughout the day by our inner sense of purpose
  • being present in our work and relationships
  • opening our heart and expressing love to all we meet
  • giving ourselves time to still our mind regularly throughout our day
  • being open and willing to see new perceptions and insights
  • being willing to be of service where we are guided
  • where we feel negative emotions towards others, being willing to forgive

We can use this time for re-affirming our Higher goals and values, and include time in meditation to align with the Truth of who we are. From here, we can ensure that we can come to our day with a truly open mind – a mind that itself is filled with white space, ready to receive our inner directives. Remember, our ego’s thinking will often resist these gentle nudges, and yet they are our place of power and alignment with our flow. They guide us to know ourselves and to let go of our mental habits and patterns of behaviour that are preventing our greatest good and highest joy.

At the end of the day is another good time for White Space reflection. I find it very useful to affirm all that I am grateful for from my day, as well as express my overall gratitude for my life. Personally I use this time to recognise, forgive and let go of any grievances that have come up over the day, so that my mind is free of them before I go to sleep. I also like to use this time as a quiet period, preparing my mind for sleep which I then place in the hands of the Divine

To return to the Queen, and her message of Spiritual Intelligence: “for all people of faith, reflection, meditation and prayer help us to renew ourselves in God’s love, as we strive daily to become better people. The Christmas message shows us that love is for everyone. There is no one beyond its reach.” Something for us to consider in our periods of White Space, is how we can be more loving both to others, and to ourselves. At its essence, our Spiritual nature is love, and the more we express this love outward, and inwards, the more we inherently are our True Selves. Use this time of reflection as an opportunity to connect with your loving nature. As you embrace this love, so you are expressing your spiritual nature in the world.

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