What is Spiritual Intelligence?

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence is our connection to, and awareness of, the intelligence of Spirit that is within us all. This intelligence is guiding us through our inner wisdom, our gut feelings and the gentle nudges we receive guiding us on our path. It is there for us to rely on and have trust in at all times. All we have to do is be willing to act on this guidance and allow it to direct every aspect of our lives.Spiritual Intelligence creates a clear distinction between us as a personality or ego, and us as spiritual essence. As a personality we live our daily lives, think our normal thoughts, and believe that we are the body that we inhabit with all its faults and foibles. As spiritual essence, we still go about our daily lives in the same way in the knowledge that we are not really the body that we inhabit; we are our True essence which is perfect, whole and complete in every way. This spiritual essence was created by the Creator as a direct reflection of Him and as such, is pure love. Our connection to that essence is through our hearts and minds and the core of our being. It is also through our higher thoughts and the stillness of mind that put us directly in touch with the Spirit that is within.

I believe that our Spiritual Intelligence works within us in three distinct and yet related areas:

I. Within our minds

The intelligence of Spirit communicates with us through our intuitive and inspired thoughts. It is the still, small inner voice that is either nudging us in a certain direction or encouraging us to change our thinking and see things differently. It guides us through visual images that we are seemingly drawn to “notice”, information that, by coincidence, we hear, through our gut feelings of “rightness” or “wrongness” about a situation or person and through thoughts and ideas that just come to us, out of the blue. Our Spiritual Intelligence is that feeling that we do not know how we know something, we just “know.”

The intelligence of Spirit also guides us through our inspired ideas and our sense of passion and joy. Our inspiration draws us to those hobbies and passions that are in alignment with our inner being and at which we are most naturally effective when we carry them out. This inner intelligence guides us by energising those things that are for us and taking the energy out of those things that are not for, or no longer for, our highest good and greatest joy.

Our willingness to follow our sense of inspiration and intuitive guidance is all that is needed to remain aligned with this inner intelligence. And this is where the challenge lies because we all think that we know where we should be headed, we all think that we know what we want and what is best for us. It takes a real openness and considerable trust to let go and surrender our wants, hopes and expectations and instead allow the intelligence of Spirit to guide us to what really is best for us.

II. Within our heart

The intelligence of Spirit is pure love and nothing else. To be in alignment with that intelligence we therefore have to come from a place of love, or kindness, at all times. This means that in all our interactions with others (and thoughts about others and indeed about ourselves) have to be kind and loving. This of course is not easy, for we all have situations where we do not feel the least bit kind or loving. We feel the opposite. In these situations we are offered the opportunity to forgive and see the person’s true essence rather than the wrong doings of their personality. Having forgiven, we reap the benefits of the healing that this brings to our mind and often find that we are able to see the person or situation differently in the knowledge that we are all One.

As we connect more with the Intelligence of Spirit within our heart, we find that we enter into every situation aware of how we can make a difference or be of service in that situation. This takes our thinking away from our own self focus, which our personality loves to perpetuate, and opens us to a higher level of thinking about the situation or about the other. It enables us too, to let go of what we want from a situation and instead be truly available and present with what is.

This connection to love and kindness does not mean that we forget our own self and own spirit. In fact it behoves us to nurture and honour our own spirit with love and kindness. From here, we then have more to give away to others. It also means that where necessary, we stand up for what we feel is right, we say what we feel needs to be said and we have the courage to say “no” when it is necessary, for this is the loving thing to do for ourselves. We too do our very best to make these honest communications from a place of goodness.

III. Within our core 

At the very core of our being, in the area beneath our naval, is the power of Spirit. This is the same power that turns embryos into babies, turns acorns into oak trees and moves the planets around the sun. We can connect with that power and use it to draw to us all that we are meant to be, to do and to have. This power is the energy of magnetic attraction, drawing things to it through this attractor energy. This power is activated when we centre our thoughts within our core, rather than within our heads.

At our core we have a very different set of beliefs: beliefs that are in harmony with the thinking of Spirit and not the thinking of our ego. When we are centred in our core, we operate from a different place and from a different level of personal power. From here we know our truth rather than focus on our faults, we know our abundance rather than our lack and we know we are totally loving and lovable rather than unworthy and unlovable. Often, the shift to this level of thinking requires some help from someone who is already in this place, and yet when you are able to think from this place, you really are truly empowerment and new behaviours naturally follow.

Many of us are a considerable way towards this connection to the intelligence of Spirit and yet we find that this connection oscillates as we go throughout our day and on some days it seems stronger than others. What is important is not just how close you are to this complete connection within, but how willing you are to correct yourself when you are out of alignment with it.

In addition, there is one thing that will hasten your progress along this path: your commitment to meditate or still your mind on a daily basis. For as you develop your meditation practice, this intelligence of Spirit will easily and naturally work its way into your psychology and you will just find that you are a different person: you are that essence of Spirit.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals and entrepreneurs in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career with low stress.

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