What can we Learn from Eastern Philosophies about our Health?

What can we Learn from Eastern Philosophies about our Health?

Taoist philosophies go back some 5000 years, predating Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual leaders by over 2000 years. Taoist Masters were always seeking ways to attain a balanced life of health, longevity, love and spiritual fulfilment. They believed that the inner workings of our bodies were supported by the flow of Chi, or energy, around the body. This Chi, and ultimately our bodies, are connected to, and a reflection of, different aspects of the outer world – the five elements, the seasons, the planets and the cycles of the Moon and the Earth.

An interesting aspect of Taoist philosophies is their belief that our emotions are stored in our internal organs, not in our minds, and that the mind merely determines how they are used. They found that certain specific negative emotions are associated with each organ and these negative energies build up over time affecting the flow of Chi through the organs. This, coupled with the toxins and pollution we absorb, can also disrupt our circulation and eventually the nerve impulses within each organ.

What I find helpful is the knowledge of which negative emotions are stored in which organs. Below is a chart which details both the Yin and Yang organs and the emotions that they contain. This is valuable in helping us understand our health issues from a different perspective, especially if you believe what is now widely accepted, that most of our physical diseases are caused by unexpressed negative emotions and unresolved mental pain. Take the lungs for example: Taoists believe that the Yin organ (the lungs) and its Yang counterpart (the large intestine) hold our feelings of grief and depression, so any problem in the lungs, ranging from a common cold to pneumonia is also associated with, and a release of, stored grief.

One of the Taoist methods of working to heal these negative emotions is to send positive energies into our organs on a regular basis to counteract them. They send “positive virtues” (see chart below) into each of the organs to transform them and stimulate the flow of Chi. If emotions arise they also send these virtues, or loving energies into the emotions as you experience them. This way you are not suppressing the emotions but accepting them and transforming them, therefore balancing out their energy.

If you sense that there is one organ where you are weak, practice sending the positive virtue from the chart below into that organ and its corresponding Yin or Yang organ. Again the lungs require the energy of courage to balance them, so regularly send courage into your lungs and into any feelings of grief that surface. As you grow this energy within you, it will transform your consciousness.

Also, as you develop these positive virtues within yourself, you can also send them out into the world around you. The Taoist way emphasises helping others and the world as a whole, without anyone noticing. As you send these virtues outwards, the more you grow in them inwardly. As always, the more you give, the more you receive without having to ask for any reward. The Universe holds it all in trust for you.

Enjoy working with these virtue energies.

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Bibliography: Fusion of the Five Elements – Mantak Chia

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